Monday, August 3, 2009

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Hey Guys!

Am moving my food blog to a new page. its See you there mga kaPig outs!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MYOH 09: Put some Local Soul into your Step

Make Your Own Havaianas 2009 flip-flops its way to the provinces! Put some local soul into your step at the following venues:
1. SM City Cebu from August 14 to 17
2. Gaisano Mall Davao from September 18 to 20
3. Lim Ket Kai Mall Cagayan De Oro from October 16 to 18
4. Robinson’s Place Bacolod fromNovember 13 to 15.

What's in store for Filipino Havaianasticos this year? MYOH 09 features an artistic treat by allowing Filipinos to parade their Filipino pride with Culture Pins featuring symbols of their unique and colorful heritage, such as wide-eyed Tarsiers, vibrant vintas and much more.

Styles, colors, sizes, and embellishments are available until supplies last, so to all Havaianas Fanatics be the first to Make Your Own Havaianas!

Preview your own MYOH flipflops at visit

Monday, July 27, 2009

Meeting Jacobo's Management

It was a Saturday Night and after checking out the cool cars at CAR TALK AT THE WALK, we headed to Jacobo's Bistro for dinner and refreshments. I have reviewed Jacobo's Bistro before and had swore to go back for their Salt & Pepper Spare Ribs! While we were ordering, the manager approached our table and said that they had read my review and were grateful for the good review! Then we were intorduced to the President of Jacobo's Bistro, Ms. Monica Huertas.

We also met one of the owners of Jacobo's Bistro, who is very lovely by the way.

That night we got the same excellent service from the staff like our first visit and gladly we got a bigger table this time! And there were more entrees on the menu!

And The Bistro Chopsuey tastes great! The sauce tasted like shrimp and squid broth and the veggies were sauteed just right, still crisp!

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Arizona Green Tea

7-22-09: Shake, Pao and I headed to Coffee Dream Gorordo to wait for my brother Edd to finish their "Persons" group study. It was a haven for law students; quiet and less crowded!

So we were there enjoying the free wifi connection, watching videos from Super Junior to Wonder Girls. We are such Kpop Fans! hehe.

Then my tummy started grumbling and ordered Corned Beef Sandwhich and Arizona Tea with Ginseng!

The Corned beef sandwhich costs 80php and Arizona Tea costs 130php.

Arizona Green tea with Ginseng tasted blunt and plain considering its priced at 130, I expected it to be a little strong. I tried tasting natual Lychee tea from Shenzhen China and it tasted a whole lot better and its much cheaper, prized at 3Yuan (around22php). Arizona's bottle is sooo cool, though. I placed it on my wine cabinet and it looks great! gonna buy the other 3 flavors to complete the set! hehehe.

As for the Coffee Dream Corned Beef Sandwhich, it was cold, very plain and everything inside was falling all over place. There should be a toothpick to hold everything inside and they should have toasted or heated the sandwhich.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Believe The Pop Musical

Play date: July 24-25, 2009
Venue: Onstage Cinema One Ayala Center Cebu

"Believe The Pop Musical" is a religious and inspiring musical play with a powerhouse cast.
Believe the Pop Musical
Brief Description of the play (from the play booklet):
It's a story of the transforming power of LOVE and the miracles it can do.

believe the pop musical

A person's journey from fear to Love is shown here through several characters with different levels of fear.

believe the pop musical

The bondage of fear is broken and the gift of faith is realized when Love touches the heart.

The Power of Love transcends the law of this world.


IN This Story the spirit comes in whimsical guises and uses people, relationships, and situations as a call to always choose to see Love in a world of fear.


The cast sang songs that are current which most young generation can relate to, and incorporated them into short stories from fighting cancer, recovering from drug addiction, believing in oneself to sexuality issues.


keith martin


No doubt that performance was great, but for me the story is quite common and tackled only the tip of the iceberg.Like when Keith played the drug addict who struggled and found God and recovered. Nonetheless its inspiring and empowering.


Believe, The Pop Musical stars Isabella(daughter of Kuh Ledesma), Keith Martin, Radha, Guji Lorenzana, Marq Dollentes, Benjie Layos and Mae Ann Araneta.



I would say that Radha would be my favorite singer over all the performers. Amazing Voice!


Pieces from the Furniture master Kenneth Cobonpue were used during the play and fashion creations by Jun Escario, Protacio and Salvador Malto.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Boyz2Men Live in Cebu!

It was during 6th Grade I first heard of "End of the Road" by Boyz2Men. My aunt from the states sent me the Cassette Tape and had borrowed and brought my dad's Walkman to school, because everyone else would be bringing one, hehe.


"Am Down Abandon Me!" hahaha. A line that my singer friend Arman use to sing and make fun of the lyrics of "on Bended Knees" in high school. It's a joke that until now everyone laughs about during karaoke sessions!

boyz2men live in cebu

BOYZ2MEN Live in Cebu! It fell on a Wednesday and is for the benefit of Cebu Street Children! Surprisingly a lot of seats where empty! Is it because it's a Wednesday? Nonetheless, Boyz2Men were great!

boyz2men live in cebu

And yeah yeah, i only heard 3 1/2 songs because there were no parking spaces left and had to park at IT park and walk all the way to Waterfront! But still enjoyed the 25mins of Boyz2Men! hehe

boyz2men live in cebu!

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kablaaaam on my Fave Mash!

My siblings and I share the same love for Mashed potatoes. and we would agree that the best Mashed Potato in town is at Dessert factory!

Just recently, my bro Edd and I had dinner with our friends at Dessert Factory Ayala Center Cebu to grieve our failed attempt to watch HP6 because tickets were sold out!

Edd and I were boasting that Dessert Factory's Mashed Potato was the best in town and a must try! The smooth mashed poatato topped with oozing hot and delicious gravy which we shared and enjoyed with everyone until Edd chewed on something..... a sticker!

Yeap, a sticker! We were laughing around jokingly saying "CONGRATULATIONS" like it was a price or words of wisdom from a fortune Cookie! We called for a manager to report the incident and in a few minutes a manager came. Edd narrated the unfortunate incident and the first thing that came out of the Manager's mouth was "DILI TINGALI NA SA MASHED POTATO SIR, SA CHIKEN TINGALI NA!" (it might not be from the mashed potato but from the Chicken). And suddenly our table went silent and blank faces clouded the table! DUH! It really wouldn't matter on where it came from, it's there and she should have apologized and it would have been okay. But noooo, her follow up statement was "sure ka sa Mashed potato na sir" (are you sure it's from the Mashed potato)." Again our faces went blank and eyes rolling around the table seeing Pao, Greg and Shake starting to get annoyed and irritated. So we asked fot he bill, and the manager's resolution was to have the mashed potato on the house. So when we got the bill, there was MASHED POTATO on the bill! so much for a resolution. Greg was so pissed off so he called the manager again! and reported the Mashed potato on the bill which was supposed to be slashed off the bill. So we have to wait again for around 5 minutes for the refund. And when the manager came back, she also had slashed the buffalo wings off the bill. Resolved? Not really. It's not what was slashed off the bill, but the service and the sincere apology should have been the resolution.

Though this may be a bad experience with one of my fave restos in Cebu, would still love to comeback to Dessert Factory! (I love their Buffalo wings, Boneless Crispy Pata, Pork Belly and my fave Mashed Potato) I just hope the people at the kitchen should be more careful with what they serve and managers/supervisors should be trained better with situations like this.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Hangover

Summer 2009 was very busy for me and massage was the only thing that kept me destressed. But before summer ended, I promised myself to catch a little sun and get my lazy butt out of my office chair and have some summer fun under the golden sun! And yeap, I did! I have to say, it was a relaxing day at Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort. The smell of fresh sea breeze on my face was a relaxing enough to make me just want to lie on the sand and sleep (since i was deprived of sleep last summer because of work hehehe). But my sleepy head had been enjoying too much that I was so high and awake, like I had a shot of Starbucks Blackeye. There's just so much to do at Maribago Bluewater Cebu, like play giant chess, photograph sights, EAT and lucky for me, witness a romantic wedding at their man made island. But what really made my Maribago stay a relaxing experience was the warmth smiles and great service of Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort Staff. And because of that great service, they were featured by Cathy Aya-ay of ABS CBN for Maayong Buntag Kapamilya. Watch the Maribago Bluewater Video and see what's Maribago Bluewater's edge!

But even if summer has ended, the craving for the sand, sun and the beach has not sink in to my skin. And the much needed vacation I need I hope is near. And am eyeing for the beautiful island resort of Sumilon, Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort. That'll be my temporary heaven for a day, i hope!

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photo credit: Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Free Coke Zero Baller Bands

Yeap, they are free when you upsize your Mcdo meals to Coke Zero when ordering online!

Though my first experience with the Mcdo online ordering system was frustrating, I think it's a great idea they have the system. The experience was frustrating because I specified on the remarks section of the Fill out Form that I would not be ordering if the baller bands are not available, but when our orders arrived, the baller bands were not delivered. I have to call the order hotline twice and there were even no update calls from the branch that catered our order making the experience more frustrating. so much for customer service!

But yeah, Baller bands were delivered 4 hours after the orders were delivered.

I would still be ordering online because its convenient, but Mcdo staff receiving should be more attentive!!!!!

to order online and get your free baller band visit .
Promo is until July 17, 2009 and is not valid for breakfast orders.

for more reviews and pics, visit

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jacobo's Bistro, Asiatown I.T. Park Lahug

Jacobo's Bistro, a newly opened resto bar in Cebu, is quite a neat place. Vic, Edd, Shake, Greg, Chai and I were looking for a new chillax place and found one! Jacobo's Bistro, pronounced as Hacobos, is located on the ground floor of the building across i1(at the back of Tara's Cafe, IT park).

We ordered Mashed Potato(35php), Plain Rice(30php), Jacobo's Crispy Pata and Salt and Pepper Spare ribs! I enjoyed the salt & pepper spare ribs for its semi sweet pepper chili taste and tender meat. And who doesn't love Crispy Pata. Jacobo's Crispy pata tastes like home made crispy pata with spring onions garnished on top of it! very yummy!

What was great about Jacobo's is the service.Very warm staff and very attentive waitresses.

With a few entrees(and mostly beer munchers) on the menu, that made me think it's made more of a chillax place than a resto for dining; and not to mention the tables are quite small to fit 5 plates and 2 dishes on the middle(basing on our table size which was for 5peeps). But still we enjoyed the food and the place. There also was an acoustic band playing which made the place more welcoming.

And Price is fair enough, being billed 905php for 2 dishes(huge crispy pata & Spare ribs), 5 drinks, 2 mashed potatoes and 7 Rice.

4 out of 5 stars For Jacobo's Bistro!
Food - 4
Service - 5
Ambiance - 4

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Mamma Maria's Pizzeria Gorordo Barnch Grand Opening

Happy Independence Day! June 12, 2009 is the scheduled opening of Mama Maria’s Pizzeria Gorordo Ave. Branch (Beside Aerophone). Mama Maria opened its first branch in 2005 and is home of the biggest pizza in the Philippines at 52”.

With several branches in Negros Occidental, they are now open to serve the Cebuanos with 27 Different Pizza Flavors, 6 pizza sizes (8” to 52”) and open round the clock 24/7; looks like the party would never end at Mamma Maria’s!

Mayor Osmena cut the ribbon during the opening and had the first taste of Mamma Maria’s famous Italian gourmet pizza!

Had a slice of kinilaw, kebab, breakfast, margarita, Hawaii and vesuvio pizzas and I must say it’s quite good. You could taste the home made sweet tomato paste garnished with herbs(probably oregano and thyme) and crunchy thin crust just the way I like my Pizza! Mamma Maria’s Pizzas are good shared over a conversation with friends and family!

XXL 30inch pizza is a great muncher for team buildings and officemate bondings! Prices for XXL pizza starts at 695(Margerita) and Single 8 Inch pizza starts st 49(Margerita).

Also on the Menu is Crocodile Pizza! So if you are into eating some exotic dish, try it now! Haven’t tasted it though and will surely do on my next visit.
Mamma Maria Pizzeria is opened 24hours and does deliver. Call 417 11 77 for deliveries. visit them online at

Opening this July is their Mactan Branch!

For more pictures about the event visit:

Cebu HobCon '09


On June 20 & 21, 2009 the First ever HobCon Event in Cebu will be held at the Parkmall, 168 Ouano Road North Reclemation Area Mandaue City, Cebu!

Highlights will be LevelUp! Live 2009-Cebu Regional & Cosplay Event!

For information about the LevelUp! Live 2009-Cebu Regional please visit

For Cosplayers, please send your registrations to Cane Events ( with the following details for ID Purposes: (ALL SENT INFO IS CONFIDENTIAL AND WOULD NOT BE DISCLOSED TO ANYONE BUT CANE EVENTS AUTHORITIES)
1. Name:
2. Address:
3. Email:
4. Age:
5. Contact Number:
6. Cosplay Character:
7. Character Picture:


For more info, please visit:



Thursday, June 11, 2009

An interview with Mar Roxas

June 11, 2009, Senator Mar Roxas met with 30 members of CBS for Cebuanos to know more about Mar's views and ideas on issues that our country's facing today.Interesting questions like when will the wedding be with Korina Sanchez be and what are his 4 main political agenda would he be tackling on.

Wedding is still being planned, as Mar is still courting Ms. Korina Sanchez. And Mar has to do "pamanhikan" to 3 siblings and many other relatives since Ms. Sanchez's already parents passed away.

And as for the 4 Problems he would be tackling on are, first is Food on every Filipino Table. And to solve that, is to invest on agriculture by giving our farmers seeds, fertilizers and budget for irrigation. Second is investing on everyone's future which is education. As he said, he would slowly update the outdated system. Next is Fairness and Justice meaning faster and fair court decisions for everyone, rich or poor. And lastly our economy.

And he also mentioned that our no. 1 problem in the country is Graft and Corruption, which is very true. Graft Scandals from lamp posts to noodles that costs 22php per pack, wheeeeew! Only in the Philippines!

Mar mentioning that what we need to solve first is food in every Filipino Table, makes me think that he might be a good president because if you think about it, with food on the table, everyone would have the strength to work and think right. and with that, people who would be going to school since they don't have to ask for alms for food. and with education comes the right knowledge for them to be able to survive.

But of course there would be other candidates that we still need to know more about: their political views and platforms. So for now, let's just hope that there would be no martial law and have a peaceful 2010 election. ; )

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Thursday, May 28, 2009 Experience

When i first heard about few years back, I instantly thought that it was just a Pinoy copycat search engine of

Well that perception changed today, when we got to meet the people of! We Pinoys being so Americanized, we would rather choose Yahoo or Google when doing our searches, right? Frankly speaking, I use Google everytime I resaerch about things. And just now, I tried using to search about the latest Star Trek Movie and to find out that is even doing a Star Trek Promo and giving out free stuff to lucky! That means that just being a it gives you the chance to win free stuff and enjoy perks that no other search engine can! And Yehey is totally Pinoy! With more Filipinos patronizing, Philippines could have it's first stronghold(and identity) in the internet world!

It really woudn't hurt if you try to act a li'l bit like a Filipino! it'll still be cool!
So visit, register and experience a new kind of Filipino Coolness!

And yeah, just have to do a quick review on La Maison.
Well, sad to say, i still am not a fan of La Maison. I did a review back in 2007 about the resto when their still at the Entertainment Center of Ayala. here's a link if you want to check it out!

If you are wondering what La Maison means, I found out it means "The House" from the babelfish site. Well having a french name, I find the menu sooo mixed up which ranges from Mexican to salads to American back ribs. I really couldn't find a signature dish that would really remindme of La Maison. Well I guess maybe on my next visit I'd get to taste more of what La maison has to offer!And yeah, a strand of hair was spotted on our cup of rice. posted the photo on my multiply album. hehehe.

Good thing about La MAison though is the people and the ambiance. Both great factors in rating a good resto. And you gotta love La Maison Desserts too! hehehe.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Asus Ultimate Overclocking Show 09

The first ever overclocking competition in the country was held in Cebu on May 23,2009 at Sm Entertainment Center! CBS members were among the media invited to watch the pioneer event which was hosted by Asus! Two of Cebu's seasoned team of Overclockers, The Sugbu Elite & Cebu Extreme, battled it out for the title. A total of 20,000php was given away and not to mention the Team of overclockers were given the hardware parts they used during the competition for free. The Audience were given their fair share of prizes too! USB dolby speakers, case holders and other Asus stuff were given away by answering questions thrown out by the emcee.

We also had a chance to try Windows 7.0 beta! Ain't that cool?

For more info about Asus products, visit


A Fun Summer Escapade @ MAribago Bluewaters

Everyone would agree that the best way to beat the summer heat is to take a plunge in the cooling waters of the beach! What better way to spent a hot afternoon in a white sand beach and food oh-so-great that would make you do back flips!

Well, practically every beach in Mactan is just about 10-25 minutes drive from my place and growing up in Mactan Island had me fallen in love with the cooling and inviting waters of Mactan beaches. Maribago Bluewater would definitely live up to it's name when your looking into a cozy vacation or just to have a relaxing day, may it be with friends or family.

The Luxury resort boasts 110meters of white sand beachfront surrounded by golden coconut palms and lagoon shaped pools that would definitely beat the summer heat! And if that's not enough, dine in style at Allegro Restaurant or The Cove which would surely satisfy your palate's summer cravings! And if your traveling with your kids, then don't worry because Maribago Bluewater has the Dolpo Kids Club which would take care of your kid's distinct needs. Child guests are welcomed with Beach Bag of goodies which includes a sports bottle that can be refilled with complimentary beverages at mealtimes, coloring book and a Dolpo stuffed toy. And if your into diving, professional or beginner, get to see some of Mactan's best diving spots like Tambuli's fish feeding station, Marigondon and Olango Island diving sites. Jet Ski, water skiing, wakeboarding, wave runners, wind surfing, paddle boating, kayaking, parasailing and catamarans are the zestful watersports that you get to enjoy at Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort.

On top of these great amenities, friendy staff greets you with warm Cebuano smiles and hospitality.

And did I mention buzzling Cebu City is just 45mins. away from the resort so you dont have to worry if you want to go shopping or have a taste of Cebu's Nightlife! A taxi cab can take you to the Cebu 's party places at 150-250php(3.5-5.25USD)

Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort is approximately 15 minutes away from Mactan International Airport which is commutable via airport van rentals, resort service vans or by taxi. Taxi costs around 130php-200php(3-4.5USD) and Van rentals costs around 300-500php(6-10.5USD) and roundtrip airport transfers via resort vans costs around 500php (10.5USD) per person.

So if you want to bask in the sun and have some family fun, visit Maribago Bluewaters now!

For more information about Maribago Bluewater visit You could contact them at +63 32 492-0100 / 232-5411 or +63 32 492-0128 to 129. Maribago Bluewater is located in Maribago, Buyong, Mactan Island, Lapulapu City 6015 Cebu, Philippines.

Photo Credits: Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort

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