Saturday, July 25, 2009

Arizona Green Tea

7-22-09: Shake, Pao and I headed to Coffee Dream Gorordo to wait for my brother Edd to finish their "Persons" group study. It was a haven for law students; quiet and less crowded!

So we were there enjoying the free wifi connection, watching videos from Super Junior to Wonder Girls. We are such Kpop Fans! hehe.

Then my tummy started grumbling and ordered Corned Beef Sandwhich and Arizona Tea with Ginseng!

The Corned beef sandwhich costs 80php and Arizona Tea costs 130php.

Arizona Green tea with Ginseng tasted blunt and plain considering its priced at 130, I expected it to be a little strong. I tried tasting natual Lychee tea from Shenzhen China and it tasted a whole lot better and its much cheaper, prized at 3Yuan (around22php). Arizona's bottle is sooo cool, though. I placed it on my wine cabinet and it looks great! gonna buy the other 3 flavors to complete the set! hehehe.

As for the Coffee Dream Corned Beef Sandwhich, it was cold, very plain and everything inside was falling all over place. There should be a toothpick to hold everything inside and they should have toasted or heated the sandwhich.

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  1. first thing i noticed here was the bottle. i really think it's cute though it doesn't look like a tea bottle to me. it's more like an ointment bottle.. LOL..

    well, the sandwich.. it doesn't appear delectable, really.. they should've at least justified the price..

  2. we share the same sentiment me! hehe