Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kablaaaam on my Fave Mash!

My siblings and I share the same love for Mashed potatoes. and we would agree that the best Mashed Potato in town is at Dessert factory!

Just recently, my bro Edd and I had dinner with our friends at Dessert Factory Ayala Center Cebu to grieve our failed attempt to watch HP6 because tickets were sold out!

Edd and I were boasting that Dessert Factory's Mashed Potato was the best in town and a must try! The smooth mashed poatato topped with oozing hot and delicious gravy which we shared and enjoyed with everyone until Edd chewed on something..... a sticker!

Yeap, a sticker! We were laughing around jokingly saying "CONGRATULATIONS" like it was a price or words of wisdom from a fortune Cookie! We called for a manager to report the incident and in a few minutes a manager came. Edd narrated the unfortunate incident and the first thing that came out of the Manager's mouth was "DILI TINGALI NA SA MASHED POTATO SIR, SA CHIKEN TINGALI NA!" (it might not be from the mashed potato but from the Chicken). And suddenly our table went silent and blank faces clouded the table! DUH! It really wouldn't matter on where it came from, it's there and she should have apologized and it would have been okay. But noooo, her follow up statement was "sure ka sa Mashed potato na sir" (are you sure it's from the Mashed potato)." Again our faces went blank and eyes rolling around the table seeing Pao, Greg and Shake starting to get annoyed and irritated. So we asked fot he bill, and the manager's resolution was to have the mashed potato on the house. So when we got the bill, there was MASHED POTATO on the bill! so much for a resolution. Greg was so pissed off so he called the manager again! and reported the Mashed potato on the bill which was supposed to be slashed off the bill. So we have to wait again for around 5 minutes for the refund. And when the manager came back, she also had slashed the buffalo wings off the bill. Resolved? Not really. It's not what was slashed off the bill, but the service and the sincere apology should have been the resolution.

Though this may be a bad experience with one of my fave restos in Cebu, would still love to comeback to Dessert Factory! (I love their Buffalo wings, Boneless Crispy Pata, Pork Belly and my fave Mashed Potato) I just hope the people at the kitchen should be more careful with what they serve and managers/supervisors should be trained better with situations like this.

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  1. wow. Truly I say to all restos out there. Beware the great doyskie food critic.

    I agree. Lami gyud ang Boneless crispy pata. I love crispy pata, and all the more that it's boneless. But i'm curious to try that mash potato. :)

  2. OMG! nahan raba jud ko diha sa dessert factory especially their brownie ala mode and kato tortoise brownie thingy and the pork churva thingy... lol...

    it doesn't where the sticker came from... alangan sa sa Esophagus ni Edd? LOL!

    Ako pa nila, a sincere apology would do!

    Pwede naka ma food critic, Doyz!


  3. @ Vanjohn- I luv crispy pata too! good luck triglycerides! hehehe